My Services

The most import feuture of each liquidator are their professional skills, competences and experience. My comptences stem from knowledge of respective codes, regulations and experience with liquidation of companies (especially "s.r.o." companies).

I can offer your following services:
  • Introductory consultantation services prior to your final decision regarding the liquidation,
  • Ensuring of a notarial registration and all steps neccessary for entering your company into the liquidation
  • Effective liquidation of your company in terms of time and finance, from the beginning up to the final end (represented by a deletion of the company from the Business Register),
  • Ensuring of archiving and shredding of company documents according to respective regulations,
  • Maximal possible encashment of company assets.

Price of the liquidation is calculated on the basis of the size of your company. I will calculate it the price for you if you contact me and tell me further information about the company.