List of respective codes

The process of liquidation is very complex, consequently, a great number of codes/acts are respective. Please, find a list of codes bellow including a link to an actually amended text at a Portal of the Public Administration.

Please click on the book icon to download the full version of relevant code/act: Click on this icon on the Portal of the Public Administration

Respective codes/acts:

Act no Act name Note
513/1991 Sb. Business Code Fundamental regulation for liquidation
182/2006 Sb. Insolvency code -
499/2004 Sb. Act on archiving and records service Regulations on archiving and discarting of company documents
337/1992 Sb. O správě daní a poplatků -
586/1992 Sb., On income tax -
563/1191 Sb. Code on Accounting -
262/2006 Sb. Labour code -