Liquidation of a company (a legal entity) is the most transparent way of terminating a business from both owner's and creditor's point of view. The most important reason is a fact that you avoid possible creditors' accusation regarding avoiding repaying of debts. A liquidator is appointed by the company itself and a compensation is stipulated on the basis of scale work to be done (according to the size of the company, number of employees or even such detail like an amount of corporate documents).

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Liquidation of your company can be troublefree and painless only if you choose the right liquidator.

Advantages of Liquidation

  • Company chooses a luquidator on its own - a pre-requisite of an effective cooperation
  • Renumeration is agreed individually on the basis of the size of your company
  • Transparency
  • Security - owners are protected from possible accusation of creditors
  • Profeciency - the function of liquidators is determined by their knowledge of relevant procedures and regulations